Before settler John F. Abbott “claimed” it, this swath of the Savannah Ridge was pristine meadow and forest. Then the Oregon Donation Land Law of 1850 brought settlers, farmers, and speculators here—to cultivate, abandon, and ultimately divide it. Over the years, we have reassembled the pieces into a vibrant mosaic of wild natural habitat and lovingly tended vines. History cannot be undone, but we have made it our mission to restore the ecology of this remarkable place.


Our holistic viticultural methodology incorporates organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices. We grow cover crops, practice conservation tillage, build compost, and prepare our own biodynamic preps. We dry-farm rather than irrigating, and forego herbicides and pesticides. To disturb vine maturation as little as possible, we look to the past for unorthodox solutions, whether braiding shoots rather than hedging them, or allowing leaves to linger on the canopy.


Biodiversity is a privilege and a responsibility. We provide roosts for the keen-eyed falcons who manage our gopher population, and we maintain habitats for pollinators. Our vibrant polyculture nurtures native oaks and other flora, which in turn welcome beneficial animals and insects. In the winery, we glean energy from solar panels, and recycle water via a pioneering worm-powered filtration system. As a result, our vines are balanced and resilient, our fruit fresh and flavorful.



Abbott Claim Vineyard

In the dialogue between earth and vine, sun and sky, our original estate vineyard is its own declaration, occupying a golden Yamhill-Carlton ridgeline on ancient sedimentary soil. Cooling afternoon breezes, dense stands of Douglas firs, fields of native grasses and wildflowers, subterranean white truffles… All of these imprint their signatures upon Abbott Claim Vineyard, making for structured, soulful fruit and enigmatic revelations in the glass.

Abbott Claim Vineyard
pine trees and sky

Eola-Amity Hills

Lily Springs Vineyard
X Omni Vineyard
Temperance Hill Vineyard
Seven Springs Vineyard

We found the yin to Abbott Claim Vineyard’s yang in the fog-shrouded Eola-Amity Hills. Steeply sloped and surrounded by forest, our Lily Springs Vineyard only affords its infinite vistas when the maritime winds off the Pacific Ocean roar in. While we await the maturation of the newly planted vines at Lily Springs Vineyard, we source ethereal, electric fruit from prestigious neighboring partners.

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